Here is a critic that was translated by the internet from German into English:-

If Krissie Illing appears, every evening is saved. The class Clownin from British Comedy smithy points what is possible with perfect Timing and whole body-application – about all language barriers away. When the cranky Lady with the horror hairstyle from the petty bourgeois waxworks of the postwar years proceeds in the “waiting room” stage to wait for Mr doctor, it is a matter first of carrying out a revitalization of perfume by roll-on. This can be malicious! And if the “roller” makes itself then independent and is towed under the dress by means of hair-raising dislocations up to the pants stable, the laughing tears flow in the Congress hall.

Best Thanks to to the hostess Gerburg Jahnke that she(it) has invited the cranky Anarcho comedienne.

Von unseremMitarbeiterArndt Zinkant


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