Blar Blar

Last night in Köln, my favourite place Claudius Therme sauna..

Where I sat in a small wooden hut, crowded and naked (Yep not a stitch!) for the ceremony of saltz und hönig. The master of ceremonies came, baring his muscles then proceeded to scoop water onto the stones, the steam rose up and my already short sightedness grew much more blurred, the fragrance of mint and blackberries filled our nostrils, then the ringleader artfully swung his white towel and threw the heat on us.  Then a choice of bowls, honey or salt, I chose honey, I had to refrain from eating it, oh! I see you smear it over your body! Then the ringleader threw ice onto the stones, the steam rose and he started to perform like a crazed bullfighter.  I really don’t think you’ll find this behaviour anywhere in Brexit land!.